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Suzannah is a genuine, hard working and open hearted woman who has lived and worked in San Francisco for nearly 20 years. Originally from Philadelphia, she is the mother to two young girls, Logan and Aya, and a wife to Dheen. She finds joy in bringing happiness to all the people in her life and likes to laugh at her on own jokes even if no one else is. Much of her work in the Bay has been family-centric, both as a family photographer and child care professional. During the birth of her second child, Aya, in 2010,  she formed a deep bond with her midwife, Maria Iorillo and was magnetized into the home birthing community. She soon found herself in the magical and intimate role of documenting the experience of pregnancy and child birth with any camera in reach.

Her empathetic nature and generous spirit has allowed her to share a time and space that is often fiercely guarded and protected, an opportunity she has fully embraced. Something about Suzannah causes others to open up, let their guards down and invite her to share and witness parts of their intimate lives. This makes her a natural fit for the role of support, coach, partner and friend that is “doula”.  After spending more than half a decade focusing solely on the photography side of child birth she has been drawn out to apply her gifts and energy to the role of birthing companion. She received her birth doula certification through Naturual Resouces in San Francisco and continues to grow compassion for all aspects of the birth process.

An interest in wellness and natural medicines has also led her to study the benefits and healing properties of essential oils. Her knowledge and exploration of aromatherapy has brought relief, stimulation and benefit to her personal life as well as her doula practice. She is dedicated to educating and sharing what she has learned with family, friends, clients and all in her circle.

Every birth Suzannah has attended has provided her strength, motivation, inspiration and LOVE. She feels truly blessed to have found a true calling, a true community and a true purpose that does not feel anything at all like work. That's why she is a true doula.