suzannah weening | truedoula

true appreciation



“Suzannah is such an extraordinary birth photographer. She has an impeccable eye for capturing the beauty, intimacy and emotion of birth. She also has the heart for being at your birth with you — she is quiet, unobtrusive, and respectful of your space. You will hardly know that she is there.

Every time that Suzannah is at a birth with me, I am so excited to see the photographs. She has never let me down in capturing priceless photos that are simply one-of-a-kind, capturing the once-in-a-lifetime moment of birth.”

-Maria A. Iorillo, LM, CPM


"Suzannah was the perfect addition to our birth team. She is calm, present and takes initiative. She has a great sense of when to intervene while being respectful of your space. Suzannah is also an amazing photographer that is able to capture the raw beauty of birth. We are blessed to have had such an incredible birth experience and will cherish the photos forever."



"Suzannah was such a beautiful presence at our birth. From the moment I met her, I felt at ease and like I had known her for many years. She instantly connected with my older daughter, making her laugh out loud, when few strangers could even get a "hello". On the day of our second daughter's birth, Suzannah was gentle and reassuring. She is a consummate professional, but also very warm and easy to be with. She made my birth team complete."

-Kelly, NP/RN


"Suzannah was a true blessing to have by my side as my son came into the world. Her love for one of the most beautiful experiences a woman goes through shows within her gentle demeanor, lighthearted spirit and nurturing support. She showed grace and love during this wonderful, yet intense, time for me and I'm extremely grateful for her. We love you and thank you, Suzannah!!"

-Tammy, life coach


"Suzannah was the most crucial person (other than me) at my birth. My husband was super supportive and was massaging me as best as he could, however when Suzannah showed up her hands were the only drug I needed. They were magic. She was able to place counter pressure on my back in just the right places and relieve some of the intensity of the surges for me. She was able to anticipate what I needed. She would offer different positions to get into that allowed me the stamina to have a successful homebirth. She also took the time to get to know me before the birth to understand what I personally needed to be able to feel supported.  Suzannah came over on her own time to take pregnancy photos, made sure I had everything I needed (and didn’t even I know I wanted) during my birth and brought delicious food over for post birth healing. Suzannah is the type of person that wants to be there for you in the way that YOU need it. She is caring and supportive and she just “gets it”. If I were to do it again there would be no doubt in my mind Suzannah would be at the birth! She’s the best! I recommend her 117%.”

-Sara Garner, special ed teacher


"Suzannah is a unique and talented doula. One could not do better when looking for labor support. She brings an unmatched understanding of what it’s like to be in labor, an intuitive sense of what can make it easier, and a passionate energy to do everything she can to make someone’s experience the best it can be. I’m always excited to attend a birth with Suzannah as doula. I know she will be thoughtful, helpful, and strong enough to see it through. She connects on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels covering all bases. On top of all that, she’s an extraordinary photographer."

-Sue Baelen, LM, CPM


"Suzannah is one of the most nurturing and thoughtful people I have met.  Her kindness and care extended above and beyond what was dictated in our contract.  Her heart is huge and I had an instantaneous connection with her.  She was able to woo my two toddlers and my husband with ease. Everyone in our family (and everyone who attended my daughter's birth) loved having her around.  She is grounded, yet her essence is spiritual. She is quiet, but funny. And, she is incredibly observant. She knew exactly what I needed, even before I did! Suzannah can read a situation and react with amazing intuition and sensitivity.  Her photography captured the essence of my third pregnancy and birth. I only wish I had known her when I was pregnant with my first and second children so that she could have documented and been with me at those births.  If I am lucky enough to have a fourth pregnancy and fourth birth, I won’t want to do it without Suzannah by my side. She is not only a true doula but also a true friend to anyone fortunate enough to be in her company.”

-Alisha Eastwood, psychiatrist